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Social Responsibility

As a company, operating in urban and rural areas, we believe that we have a social responsibility to the community. Our philosophy is to improve the lives of the local people, particularly in the areas in which we operate. 


Introwise supports small-scale community agricultural developments by being committed to creating sustainable projects that leave a long-lasting legacy. Introwise assists with the supply of seed, fertilizer and agro-chemicals for these projects.  In turn, we purchase back all produce, at market related prices, to be used in our operation. During 2017, purchases from small-scale community agricultural developments totalled circa $115k.

We pride ourselves in taking care of the community by sponsoring social events and sporting tournaments.  Introwise assists by paying school fees for some of the less privileged children of the community.  Schools and clinics have been our concern and, as a result, we have donated much-needed supplies, while providing HIV training and information as our primary responsibility.


Employing people from the local community and providing them with in-house training and skills development programmes means that the community is up-skilled and, therefore, better equipped to care and develop their own communities.

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Introwise is proud to sponsor the company soccer team and believe in supporting the community and its children.

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